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Solar Training - NASS Solar Training Institute

chris laforge solar energy trainer

Chris LaForge

Chris LaForgeThe NASS curriculum was created under the direction of ISPQ Certified Master Trainer, Chris LaForge in partnership with the MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association). The Solar Training Institute has a rigorous schedule of requirements that provides our professionals with a real competitive edge over other solar providers. Best practices are shared throughout the NASS network building continuously on our commitment to continuing education.


NASS - the fastest growing network of Solar Stores in North America

NASS is experiencing tremendous growth across the U.S. and Canada. But we did not just spring up overnight like so many solar companies do. Our network is make up of established businesses that have outstanding customer service ratings driven by years of experience providing and installing quality products. This wealth of experience comes by virtue of the fact that we have all been involved in the HVAC, Alternative Energy and Hearth Industries for decades.

NASS brings a new sense
of professionalism
to Solar Stores - that is the
secret to our success!


NASS Solar Training Institute
Solar Array Installation on Solar Training Roof

NASS Solar Training Class of 2010

Field Tech Instruction - Disconnect Box / Solar Inverter

Professional training is a cornerstone to the success of our Solar Stores. NASS (North American Solar Stores) is committed to providing the absolute best buying experience for solar energy equipment available across North America. Along with offering quality solar components, solar panels and systems hardware we make sure all technicians working in member Solar Stores are fully trained in all aspects of site assessment, solar system design, solar equipment products and installation techniques.

Ongoing training is provided at the NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, Wisconsin. There we have training roofs for field instruction covering installation of solar module arrays, splice box, fuse box, disconnect switches and solar inverters. Inside, classroom work is offered using a comprehensive program of study that covers all aspects of solar energy from planning, through design and implementation. This total training package keeps our Solar Store personnel up to date on the latest products, techniques and industry standards.

solar panel installation training on training roof at solar training institute

solar module assembly and solar panel installation field instruction at NASS in Madison, WI

Our concept for a Solar Store is simple but quite unique in the marketplace. We want to take the confusion out of finding reliable information about Solar PV and Solar Hot Water Systems. We provide our customers with a comfortable showroom where they can see first hand how solar works and discuss how solar energy can fill their energy requirements and fit into their budget. Customers are provided accurate and up to date facts about solar energy. Our trained experts help clients sort out federal and state solar incentives as they craft a solar solution to fit the need.