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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) - How Can I Benefit From Solar PV

Solar Electric is More Affordable Than Ever

Power Your Entire Home or Supplement Your Energy Supply

The price of Solar PV based on cost per watt of an installed system has never been more affordable. As utility companies continue to raise prices every year, Solar Photovoltaic systems offer consumers and small businesses some price stability as they plan for their future energy needs. Solar PV installations offer predictable initial costs to put in place a system that will generate free electric power typically for 25 years or more vs the continual increases in traditional utility provided energy.

The same technology that powers your calculator and the International Space Station can also power your home and business. Solar power is absolutely free once the initial costs of installing the Solar PV panels are completed.

Solar PV panels are typically mounted on a south-facing roof (between 20 and 60 degrees) or using a pole mounted array. Pole mounted solar modules can be installed in a stationary configuration or using a tracking mechanism to move the solar panels optimizing the angle and direction of the panels in relation to the suns position in the sky. Residential and small business use of Solar PV typically groups solar modules (panels) arranged in arrays configured to meet the demand required and the available space.

solar pv electric on pole in vermont

Photo By NASS Member / Friends of The Sun

solar pv growth solar panels

Solar has now become economical for almost any homeowner or small business to use. In 2011 the growth of Solar PV doubled the previous year and we're on target to do even better this year. The Federal Tax Credit of 30% is in effect until 2016 which helps offset the initial investment costs. It looks like solar energy for personal use will continue to grow geometrically throughout the entire decade as prices for traditional big utility generated electricity continue to rise every year.

Solar is the clean, cost-effective choice for more and more environmentally conscience individuals every day. An average home that has some energy efficiency will likely require a 5kW to 10kW Solar PV system to provide the majority of their electric energy needs. Typically, they will use about 10 to 20 solar panels to power the home. Cost vary for this type of installation but any of our NASS members will be happy to provide you with a detailed cost / benefit analysis. Go to our locator map on the NASS home page or our locations page to find a store near you. Studies done by the National Association of Realtors show that having a solar electric panel system installed will increase property values $15,000 for every $1000 in annual savings the home realizes. Remember, the top two questions buyers ask about is property taxes and utility bills.

solar pv electric on pole in vermont
Photo By NASS Member / Byler's Solar

Byler's Solar Installs Solar PV to generate electric power for store in Dover, Delaware.

Solar PV Provides 90% of the
Electric Power Needs for Business

VIDEO: Join George Breiwa, co- founder of NASS as he explains how the Solar PV system at his business generates up to 90% of their electric energy needs.

Solar PV systems operate well for very long periods of time (25+ years) with little or no maintenance. There are no moving parts so cleaning the panels may be the extent of your future costs after installation. When you generate more than you use, your meter spins backwards, lowering your electricity bill. When you generate less it spins slowly forward.

Savings will be in the ten's of thousands of dollars over the life of a solar electric system. Solar incentives are still available on the state and federal level but Solar PV energy has come into what is called "price parity" with traditional gas, coal and nuclear based energy generation through big utility companies. Price parity means that it is comparable in price when compared side by side. Because of the environmental concerns with fossil fuel and nuclear power solutions, clean solar power is claiming more and more new customers every day.