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Why Solar Energy Works - It Saves Money

How Much Can Solar Save You?

Call a NASS Member For a No Obligation Consultation

Price per watt of a Solar PV installation is about half what it was just a few years ago! When you purchase a solar energy system from a NASS member store you also benefit from our shared buying power. We are able to pass on deeper savings to our customers because we buy as a network not as an individual contractor. NASS offers both U.S. and Internationally made components to its member stores. Right now the time is very conducive for continued growth of consumer adoption of solar technology across North America. That translates into the best deal ever for Solar Panel Installations - Solar PV Electric or Solar Hot Water.


Each of our member stores has a comfortable showroom area where potential customers can meet with the solar sales staff and technical team to discuss their needs and ideas. Member stores all have (or are in the process of installing) actual solar power systems at their stores so you will see that they practice what they preach when it comes to going solar.

Solar is Now Cost Effective

As solar costs have dropped, the worldwide demand for conventional "dirty" energy production using oil, gas and coal has increased. That translates into higher prices from our utility companies per kilowatt hour (pKh). We have reached the point of price parody where producing your own electricity will be comparable or less than buying it from big power companies. Home and small business use of solar will continue to become less expensive to produce yourself than it will be to buy power from the utility. Monthly bills will continue to rise as the solar adopters will have a smooth, even cost that is predicable right from the start. The cost of installing a solar electric or solar hot water system that meets your needs can be amortized out over a period of years with a loan and still amount to a lower monthly payment than the continually rising power bills. The life of most all solar installations is at least 25 years so one your investment is fully paid off, you will look forward to good part of that time when you will be paying absolutely nothing for your energy.

Solar Energy Incentives

Incentives are great, and if they are available by all means take advantage of them! But the reality is that solar doesn't need any state or federal programs to work for you. At NASS our member stores stay current on the status of all state and federal assistance that can help to make your solar investment more appealing. We are fully committed to making solar affordable with NO incentives, making economic sense only on its own merits. But, by all means if help is available we will assist you in crafting your system to comply and helping you with the necessary paperwork in order to get the most benefit that's available.