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Why Solar Energy Works - It's Affordable

Your Solar Panel Installation is a Sound Investment

Buy Solar With Confidence

The bottom line for consumers is that if solar equipment is more affordable all they need is reliable solar equipment installers and retail Solar Stores to feel comfortable with. That's where the special appeal of NASS comes in! Each one of our member stores is not only fully trained in solar products and installation they have seasoned expert technicians and experienced service departments too. Our independently owned brick-and-mortar stores have all been running their businesses in related alternative energy and heating products for years. That means they have an earned reputation and are well known as quality providers in their local markets.

Let's face it nobody wants to buy a Solar PV or Solar Thermal installation out of a brochure or from the back of the contractor's pick-up truck. Visit one of our store showrooms where you can talk to a reliable, established local business.

solar panel installation in platteville wisconsin

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How Much Will It Cost

Prices for solar panel installations vary based on many criteria, but each NASS member store is more than willing to sit down with you in their showroom and design a plan that will work for your needs. Then they will provide a solid, fair estimate for the job and may even be able to assist with financing too. Each member has owned their own business for years, and many times for decades so they will be a trusted advisor and a solid choice for your solar installation. Visit our North American Solar Stores location page and find a member store near you to get your estimate started. If you don't see anyone in your state yet, don't worry we are growing very rapidly and expect to add more stores early this summer. Sign up for updates here.

Solar Energy Production Soars as Prices Drop

The U.S. solar industry employs two times as many people now than they did in 2009, well over 100,000 jobs exist today working with solar energy in some way. Today production has topped 4.4 gigawatts (or 4.4 billion watts) of power produced by solar. In 2011 alone the U.S. saw a 109% year-over-year growth rate for solar generation over 2010. Installing 1.85 gigawatts of new solar capacity, more than twice as much as in 2010. That comes on the heels of the rate doubling in the prior year (2010). Forecasts call for about 2.8 gigawatts of production to be added in 2012.

affordable solar panelsSolar Module pricing may have dropped, but recent tariffs added to imports of Chinese Solar Panels will even the playing field a bit for domestic production of solar components. The news we hear on tv and the radio may affect the big players in the industry, but the negative stories about government boondoggles shouldn't influence the economically savvy and environmentally conscience consumers that want a better solution to providing their own energy.