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Why Solar Energy Works - It's Growing Exponentially

Solar Power - The Time is Now.

2012 - The Year of Amazing Growth in Solar

The latest SEIA report shows incredible growth in Solar PV installations with a 140% increase in Q3 of 2011 over Q3 2010 demand, and was also up 39% over the previous quarter. These increases are continuing as we move through 2012 and enter the mid-decade period of hyper-growth for the solar industry. Residential rooftop installations are following along with these national increases.

Solar is the fastest growing source of energy in the world in 2012. It is an unlimited supply of safe, clean and affordable renewable energy that can be used reliably both for heating and electric power. Currently only about 1% of our energy use in the U.S. comes from solar. Yet a recent poll shows that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. are in support of developing and using more solar in the country (Kelton Research). And nearly 15% of them would like to put solar techonology to work in their own homes! The number of solar installations has doubled in each of the last two years. We are facing a boom in the residential and small business solar energy system installations that can include you too.

solar panel installations on the increase


We have heard about the "Green Revolution" for many years now, but in 2012 we're in the time when consumer driven demand for energy independence via solar energy has arrived. Today is the day to make that decision to cleanse your energy usage of big power companies and set your own course by choosing to go solar on your home or small business.

You may choose only to defray the costs of buying electricity by installing a supplemental solar power generation system or you may want to cut all ties and become energy independent. In most cases grid-tied systems can actually sell back excess power to the utility company during peak solar months when your system generated more energy than you will use. Yes, they will send you a check instead of you paying their bill - wouldn't that be a treat!