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NASS - North American Solar Stores - Your Best Choice

NASS is the premier network of brick and mortar Solar Stores dedicated to making Solar Energy more accessible and understood by consumers. When you visit a NASS member store you will be dealing with a business that has a showroom, has been in business for many years and has a strong local reputation. All NASS member stores receive ongoing solar training to stay current with the latest products and technologies. Every NASS member shares a dedication to renewable and alternative energy products and are ready to help customers become more energy independent.

A New Buying Experience For Solar

Meet Some of the NASS Family of Great People - Watch Our Short Video Now (below)

Discuss Your Solar Project
in the Comfort of a
Retail Showroom with Experienced Solar Experts
that are part of a
Well Established Business
with a Great Local Reputation

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smallcheckmark We Make Solar Easy to Understand

Customers are Choosing NASS members for their solar energy equipment and system installations for some important reasons. NASS offers a buying experience that is quite unique in the solar industry. Every member is committed to removing the mystery and providing the facts about solar energy. By providing information and education paired with solid products and experience, NASS is fast becoming the brand to look for in Solar Stores. Bringing the solar opportunity to residential and small business consumers should be as easy as installing a furnace, fireplace, wood stove or air conditioning system. Finally, customers have a reliable choice when considering solar energy.

smallcheckmark We Have "Bricks and Mortar" Stores & Showrooms

All of our North American Solar Store members have operated successful businesses in the Hearth & Home, Alternative Energy or HVAC Industries for years. They have a business location that you can visit and relax in a comfortable setting. There is a trust level that comes when you choose a NASS member that you can count on to deliver and back-up their energy products, installation and service.

smallcheckmark We Share Buying Power Advantage

Since we are able to negotiate buying of quality solar components on a large scale, this allows NASS to offer a shared buying power with all of the Solar Stores in our network. Our member stores will always provide fair pricing that will be competitive with other professional companies in their market.

smallcheckmark We Enjoy Good Local Reputations

Word-of-Mouth is our best advertising. Every store in our solar store network has built a solid reputation with local customers. Putting customer service and satisfaction first always pays big dividends. It does take time, but considering that many of our members have owned their own stores for decades, they have a large circle of positive influence in their communities. If you live or work near one of our locations it is likely that you have already heard of our member store.

smallcheckmark We Offer More Than Fair Prices

A quality solar energy system that is installed by experienced technicians may not always be the lowest price, but it will always be the best value. Proper installation and integration into the electric or hot water system is critical. Every solar powered system needs to deliver results as expected for the life of the solar components (usually 25 years or more for solar pv installations.) Price alone should never be the deciding factor when buying a solar energy system. Investing in a solar home improvement is a major decision that deserves an in-depth look at potential solar equipment providers and the products that they offer.

smallcheckmark We Employ Fully Trained Technicians

Since our solar store members have had installation and service crews for many years they are adept at working on rooftops and working with mechanical systems in your home. They also attend ongoing education specifically for solar at the NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, WI. Certifications and licensing varies from state to state and across Canada but be assured that every store has properly trained personnel to design, sell and install solar energy equipment for residential solar and small business application of solar energy.

smallcheckmark We Belong to Professional Affiliations

Being involved in community, regional and national industry and business organizations allows NASS members to stay up to date on energy products and best practices. Each member has a listing on the member information page showing the specific memberships they belong to and the certifications that they earned.

smallcheckmark We Will Never Be Pushy or Misleading

f you decide to proceed with an estimate for a solar energy system our solar technicians will visit your home or business to perform a site assessment. The professional staff will never be pushy or use misleading information to convince you to buy a solar home improvement. There is no rush to purchase only a sincere desire to provide the best energy solution for each individual customer. Once the scope of your project is decided upon, you will be presented with an accurate estimate based on energy production projections that you can count on.

NASS members take part in ongoing training at the NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, WI. Each Solar Store sends their solar technicians to continuing education classes and field training where they learn about the latest Solar PV and Solar Thermal technology and Solar Installation best practices.


Take a peek inside our NASS network. This video is from our last meeting held in Atlanta in conjunction with the UBG banquet at the HPBA convention.


North American Solar Stores is a Network of Brick and Mortar Stores Dedicated to Taking The Confusion Out Of Going Solar and Becoming Energy Independent.