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Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow Inc

271 Dalton Avenue, Kingston, Ontario K7K 6Z1
Main Number (613) 549-1307
Toll Free - 1-800-267-1767 - email us
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Company Description

Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow (REPH) has been involved in Solar Power for nearly twenty years. Starting as one of the true pioneers in Solar Energy in the early 90's we've grown to be one of North America's leading experts when it comes to solar grid-tied photovoltaic, off-grid solar systems and solar hot water heating. Designing and installing rugged solar energy systems that can handle the Canadian cold and Summer heat requires more than just a pre-packaged system. That's why all clients appreciate consulting with our Solar Design Team to make certain that the solar electric or solar thermal system they buy will fit their on-grid or off-grid requirements.

OPA MicroFIT and other "Green" programs can help make Solar Energy work for you. At Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow we can help with the submission and processing of your applications and help you get the most help available to "Go Solar." We have invested 20 years in Solar, completing over 550 Solar Installations across Southeastern Ontario, CA that allows us to offer experience that is unmatched in the Solar Industry.

To Go Solar there are three options: 1) Solar Grid-Tie 2) Solar Water Heating and 3) Solar Off-Grid Living.

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Solar Electric - Solar PV - Solar Heat - Solar Panel Installation
Solar Electric Design - Solar Electric Installation
Solar Hot Water - Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal Design - Solar Thermal Installation
Solar Site Analysis - Financial / Governmental Incentives Consulting
Onsite Showroom / Store

Products & Services

Our trained solar professionals will perform a feasibility study at your site and recommend the best array positioning of your solar panels based on directional and shading considerations. Computer modeling can provide accurate projections of what will be needed to meet your need using the Pathfinder/PV Watts Platform. During our design phase you will see three-dimensional drawings that will show you what the solar panel installation will look like at your location. We handle a wide range of brands and products so your equipment specifications will be based on a custom design that is perfect for your needs. Our personal attention to customer needs is what really sets us apart to our customers and assures them of the result that they are in search of. Our in-house Energy Systems Engineering Techs and Solar Design Team will consult directly with you as we craft your new solar energy system and installation.

Solar Hot Water Heating is the perfect way to start saving on your household energy usage. Heating water accounts for 20% of our total residential energy consumption. A solar hot water heater can cut this cost in half! At Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow we have extensive experience with off-grid living solutions that are perfect for remote cabins and cottages that are common in our area. There are even those that live in more urban areas that just want to cut all ties to utility companies completely with an off-grid Solar System.

Company History

Our company began in the 70's with a growing concern for ways to move toward energy independence. Early on the company primarily sold wood stoves from the front room of a Plum Hollow farm house. In the 80's the store moved to Athens, Ontario and then to Brockville. In the 90's many advancements in wood heating, fireplace inserts, pellet stoves and solar power drove more growth and gave birth to the name we use today, Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow. Early on we were selling and installing photovoltaic solar electric panels, solar hot water heaters, solar pool heaters and wind powered technologies. We launched our first website in 1997! As we continued to build more and more satisfied customers our reputation as the area leader for alternative energy grew too. In 2005 we opened our current location with large showroom and warehousing facilities. Our management team has participated in many groundbreaking initiatives and accomplishments over the years that have solidified our position as leaders in all types of alternative energy solutions with a keen knowledge and love for the greenest solution of all - free power from the sun.


Helios (solar panels)
Kaco, Magnum Energy (solar inverters)
Iron Ridge (solar hardware)
Wagner (solar hot water)
More Brands:
Sharp, Sanyo, Conergy, Heliene, Schuco, Wattsun, Deger, PLP, Unirac, Fronius, SMA, Enphase, Outback, Surrette, Trogan, Keoenders Wind Pumpers


CANSIA Certified Installers


Members of Canadian Solar Industries Association (CANSIA)
Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL)
Better Business Bureau of Eastern Ontario

Specialties / Additional Information

Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow specializes in designing and installing rugged solar energy systems to handle the extremes of the Canadian environment. Since 1993, we have learned to design alternative energy systems to handle toughest challenges of the Canadian cold and the summer heat where pre-packaged systems fail. To avoid costly mistakes we suggest that you consult with our design team to make sure the equipment we install is right for you.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

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Solar Panels, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Solar Hot Water, Solar Electric, Solar Energy Experts in Southeastern Ontario, Canada including Kingston, Ontario Canada - Belleville, Ontario Canada - Brockville, Ontario Canada - Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada - Napanee, Ontario Canada - Gananoque, Ontario Canada - Sharbot Lake, Ontario Canada - Westport, Ontario Canada - Tamworth, Ontario Canada - Tweed, Ontario Canada - Verona, Ontario Canada - Harrowsmith, Ontario Canada - Sydenham, Ontario Canada - Inverary, Ontario Canada - Seeley’s Bay, Ontario Canada - Lyndhurst, Ontario Canada - Delta, Ontario Canada - Athens, Ontario Canada - Mallorytown, Ontario Canada - Newburgh, Ontario Canada - Camden East, Ontario Canada - Marlbank, Ontario Canada - Amherst Island, Ontario Canada - Howe Island, Ontario Canada - Picton, Ontario Canada

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Top Solar Energy Experts serving Southeastern Ontario counties - Frontenac County, Ontario Canada - Lennox County, Ontario Canada - Addington County, Ontario Canada - Hastings County, Ontario Canada - Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada - Leeds County, Ontario Canada - Grenville County, Ontario Canada - Lanark County, Ontario Canada