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Why Solar Energy Works - It's As Green As It Gets!

Solar Power - Go Green

Solar Energy is The Greenest Power

A home with a 10kw PV Solar installation over it's likely thirty-five year life will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in an offset amount equal to planting nearly 1500 trees. The power used will also compare to the 950k lbs of carbon dioxide, 4200 lbs of sulfur dioxide and over 1300 lbs of nitrogen oxides that would have been produced using traditional utility energy production. During the life of the home solar system it will produce over 540,000 kWh of electricity. An astounding 580,000 lbs of coal would have been used to create that much energy. Solar is about as green as you can go.


Solar Energy produces the cleanest energy there is. No byproducts, no waste, no carbon dioxide. It is completely renewable as every day we wake up the sun produces more energy for us to tap into.

solar panel installation provides green energy solution

Photo By NASS Member / Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow