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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) - Choosing a Solar Store or Contractor

Follow Our Solar Contractor Checklist (below)

Don't Be Afraid to Ask the Tough Questions!

Don't ever be afraid to ask the tough questions. The salesperson may have a great personality but when it comes to spending your hard earned money on a substantial investment in your home or business, you deserve to have all your questions answered.

Each North American Solar Store Member has an established business location and showroom. They all have a great local reputation and have been in business for many years in the community that they serve.


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Solar Store Pointer More Than Price

Price should not be only consideration. The lowest bid is not always the best one. A poor or faulty installation of your solar system can lead to serious problems. Inferior solar components may not deliver as expected. If the company is low-balling the price they may not be there to warranty the sale.

Solar Store Pointer Store Location

There's a comfort level when the solar contractor you choose has a solar store or showroom in a brick and mortar location that you can visit and discuss your solar project. If they have the resources to run a successful business they should also have a physical location that you can visit. Buying solar components out of a brochure from a contractor may be risky, especially if his "location" is his business truck.

Solar Store Pointer References

The company you decide to hire should have references available and a good track record of customer service in your local area. Ask your friends and neighbors about the company too. Go with a well established company that has a good solid reputation.

Solar Store Pointer Insurance

Any company that will be installing a solar electric (solar photovoltaic) system at your home needs to be fully insured and be able to show you proof of the insurance.

Solar Store Pointer Memberships / Certifications

Membership in trade or organizations and certifications of achievement are important. Established businesses that are reputable are generally involved in several national or regional industry groups and state or local business groups. Ask what memberships and certifications the solar company has.

Solar Store Pointer Do-It-Yourself Solar

The internet is brimming with DIY websites that sell low-end solar equipment and instructions on how to install it yourself. Not many folks would even attempt to do this fearing that it would not be done correctly and could cause harm or damage. Working with electricity, roof installations, plumbing (solar thermal), escavation (pole mounted solar systems) and the logistics of handling sensitive solar modules and mounting hardware are enough to convince most buyers to buy from a professional solar store.

Solar Store Pointer Be Prepared & Test Their Knowledge

Be prepared to discuss your needs by having the past years electric utility bills on hand when you meet with a solar equipment sales and installation company. Knowledge about solar equipment, state and federal incentives, system design and installation techniques should all be forthcoming as you learn how solar can work for you from a solar sales and installation company.

Take a peek inside our NASS network. This video is from our last meeting held in Atlanta in conjunction with the UBG banquet at the HPBA convention.

North American Solar Stores is a Network of Brick and Mortar Stores Dedicated to Taking The Confusion Out Of Going Solar and Becoming Energy Independent.

All of our NASS members are fully trained in Solar PV system design and installation. They are ready to help you plan and install a solar electric system that is designed for your location to fit your needs. Each North American Solar Store shares the group buying power we enjoy and is able to pass on the savings to you.

NASS solar training in solar pv electric solar panel installation techniques

NASS Solar Training Institute in Madison, WI

When investing in this type of substantial home improvement you want someone that you can trust. That's why our network of established businesses with brick and mortar locations and showrooms will be your best choice. Each local store across North America has a great reputation based on a large number of satisfied customers spanning many years or decades of experience in business. Every solar store has their own service and installation technicians that have been fully trained at the NASS Solar Training Institute. Our solar stores have technical experience across many disciplines since all members are already the local industry leaders selling, installing and servicing alternative energy products like gas, wood, pellet and electric appliances.