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Why Solar Energy Works - You Can Be Energy Indepedent

Increasing Utility Bills?

Say Goodbye To The Forever Mortgage

The boom in solar installations that will truly explode in the next few years is fueled by utility rates which have risen at a much higher rate than inflation for the past 5 years. Big utilities are diversifying into "greener" power generation, but it seems unlikely that they will ever pass any lower operating cost on to consumers. That means that we need to take control of our own energy generation if we are looking for lower costs and greener, cleaner solutions.

While Big Energy invests billions in great environmentally sound projects to generate part of the gigawatt increases that we will see across the U.S. and Canada you will still likely be stuck paying higher and higher utility bills. As consumers, we don't need gigawatts or even megawatts, we only need to generate enough energy to become independent of big energy's hold on our wallet. Think of the electric bill as a perpetual "lifestyle" mortgage on your property, if you want power you need to pay the never ending payments.

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Instead of paying 60,000 or much more in electric bills over the next 25 years (200 per mo. at today's rates which are likely to continue increasing) you can invest in clean solar powered electric and once the system is paid for you can enjoy free energy for the life of your system. Most systems are rated to have a 25 year life with very little fall off in production capability over time.

Now that solar electric and solar thermal systems have reached a price point where they make sound financial sense we are seeing more and more individual homeowners and small businesses installing their own solar power plants. The average home that practices energy efficiency can plan on a 6 KW solar electric system providing enough energy to power all their family's needs. Go ahead and talk with one of our member stores and find out the facts for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised at the solar choices you will have.

All North American Solar Store members have the ability to customize projects to fit not only your home or building, but also to fit your budget. Even by using traditional financing to leverage your solar investment you may realize a net positive monthly cash flow (by reducing or eliminating the utility bill) and long term savings that makes sense for you whether you own a business, farm or for your personal residence.