Northern Indiana Solar Incentives Hard To Resist

Now many Northern Indiana residents can get incentives from the utility company for the extra clean energy they produce.

NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Corporation) is offering many consumers in Northern Indiana that want to install solar panels a deal that is hard to pass up. If you have any interest in becoming more energy independent by using solar panels and specifically Solar PV to generate electricity and are a NIPSCO customer, now is the perfect time to “go solar”.

The program is available for systems as large as 5MW but the best part for consumers is that the real breaks go to the smaller installations suitable for home solar power and small business use of solar powered systems. They have two programs that offer opportunities to join their move towards environmental sustainability. Forward thinking companies like NIPSCO are making solar energy a logical choice in the face of ever-increasing utility bills tied to traditional fossil-fuel power plants.

Many homeowners and small businesses located near our Warsaw, IN and Ossian, IN Solar Stores at Collier’s in Northern Indiana are taking part in the solar energy feed-in tariff deal offered by NIPSCO. The utility company is offering to pay 30 cents per kWh for any power that you feed back into the grid and apply it as a direct discount taken off of your bill or you may receive payment from the utility company. Another option called the Net-metering option issues energy credits for excess energy that your system generates and is fed back into the grid. These credits can be applied toward future use during your low power generation days or seasons. Compare this to the approximate cost to buy electricity from NIPSCO of 10.5 cents per kWh and you can see how attractive this Indiana solar incentive is.

This offset can tremendously impact your utility costs and make solar panels a solid, cost-effective energy choice. The numbers sound almost too good to be true, but Collier’s advice is to take advantage of them now because these incentives ARE real and they make it a GREAT time to invest in “going solar” in Northern Indiana.

This feed-in tariff option is available to any NIPSCO customer that installs a Solar PV grid-tied system between 5 and 10 kW solar electric panel system. Start planning your system now with the solar sales and installation experts at the Solar Store at Collier’s. They will help guide you through the required applications and make sure that all the paperwork is in order to qualify for these generous electricity buy-back agreements.

Add these great incentives to the fact that investing in solar photovoltaic systems that generate electricity are all sold free from any State taxes and include the existing Federal Tax Credits. Take advantage of this shinning solar opportunity today. While you are talking to Collier’s about saving energy, ask about solar-powered roof vents and fans. These also qualify for a separate tax deduction amounting to 50% of the cost of the entire installation and materials.

Collier’s is a household name in Northeast Indiana, serving thousands of residents and businesses with their energy solutions including air conditioning, heating, geothermal, solar, gas stoves, wood stoves, pellet stoves, inserts and fireplaces. They are committed to providing more alternative energy options like solar energy easier to understand – educating and informing their customers on the best choices available and helping them make informed buying decisions that they will be happy with for years to come. Top customer service has been the cornerstone of this growing business since 1987.

Solar Store at Collier’s in Warsaw, IN & Ossian, IN serving Northeast Indiana including Ft. Wayne, IN

NIPSCO Solar PV in Northern Indiana Incentive Information

Read about all the incentives for solar energy in Indiana at DSIRE

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Deep Tariffs on Chinese Solar Cells

 Are Tariffs of 31% on Solar Cells Imported from China Good or Bad for the U.S.?

One of North American Solar Stores suppliers of Solar Modules is Milwaukee based manufacturer Helios USA, LLC.

One of North American Solar Stores suppliers of Solar Modules is Milwaukee based manufacturer Helios USA, LLC.

It depends on who you ask, whether the decision of the U.S. Department of Commerce to impose tariffs of approximately 31% on the import of Chinese solar cells is going to be a good or a bad thing for the U.S.  Many worry that our solar jobs will be lost if this pronouncement is made official, as expected; and that some of the progress made in the solar industry spurred on by Chinese solar cells flooding the market and lowering prices will be slowed.  The other side of the coin is that U.S. manufacturers of solar panels will be on a competitive field that’s more fair and balanced; although costs of solar panels may rise now, the long-term benefit to North America may outweigh the temporary bump in along the road to solar parity. Increased domestic demand should allow more efficiencies of scale for U.S. manufacturers and as they grow production capability a leveling out of prices is expected.

This entire complicated discussion revolves around accusations made by several solar panel manufacturers in the U.S.A. that China is guilty of illegally dumping underpriced solar panels into America’s market.

chinese solar, solar panels

China's Suntech is the world's largest producer of Solar PV cells.

Another valid point to this argument is that China’s unfair trade policies really do put domestic manufacturers at a distinct disadvantage.  The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has been consistent with efforts to hold China accountable for every instance in which products are dumped into the U.S. market by subsidizing production, which is a violation of trade agreements.

Benefiting from the cheap solar panels from China has been a boon to the solar industry, but is the compromise worth it?  Some would say yes!  Transitioning from energy supplied by dirty fossil fuels to clean energy has been an uphill climb all the way, arguably because of the powerful influence on Washington of the oil-based industries.  This window of opportunity supplied by inexpensive Chinese panels to push solar progress along in the U.S.A. has borne much fruit.

If these tariffs are imposed on China, retaliation is expected to affect other markets, such as polysilicon exports.  In fact, most points of view on this matter make a strong argument that Washington should not rush into a validation of the accusation that Chinese manufacturers of solar panels are indeed guilty of dumping low-priced solar panels into our market.  The possible backlash could very well affect America’s already dismal unemployment numbers.

chinese solar

Suntech workers may find homes in other countries to beat the U.S Tariff.

Experts have already determined that China can take various strategies in order to bypass import tariffs.  They can set up cell manufacturing plants in other countries, such as Taiwan or Mexico.  They can also, for instance, use Taiwan-based suppliers to create cells rather than just wafers and then assemble the solar modules in China.  It’s estimated that tolling cells to the firms in Taiwan would increase the cost for China by 6% to 12%, which is a far less damaging hit than the new U.S. tariffs.  But even if China takes this type of strategy, chances are they will also impose retaliatory actions which harm U.S. jobs.

The verdict on this decision is still out and the end result of the tariff is yet to be determined. Forces on both sides of the argument have valid concerns. One thing is for sure – as the price of fossil-fuel based energy increases, the appeal of alternative sources like solar energy is sure to increase too. We all remember how much those big, flat-screen tv’s cost just a few years ago and now the costs have decreased because of increased demand. At NASS, we believe that consumer demand for cleaner energy solutions like solar power will continue to drive the increase in roof top solar installations.

 Although many of our NASS member Solar Stores offer imported choices for solar energy components and solar equipment, we also seek out the best U.S. and Canadian sources for solar cells, solar panels and solar inverters for our customers. One U.S. manufacturer that we are especially proud to partner with with is Milwaukee based solar panel manufacturer Helios USA, LLC.
Please consider one of our Solar Store Locations when you decide it is time to “Go Solar” and say good-bye to the ever-increasing utility bills that homeowners and small business owners are subject to.

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