Governor Cuomo Greatly Expands New York’s Solar Energy Program

New York State is making tremendous strides in its commitment to expanding solar deployment and growing its clean energy economy.

One of the most significant catalysts for expansion of solar capacity is when individual states increase government spending toward that end and take other steps which encourage consumers to invest in solar.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently providing a model for solar expansion, encompassing these initiatives and more for the New York solar energy program.

In his January 2012 State of the State Address, Governor Cuomo referenced goals being pursued by NY-Sun, which is a program for solar growth in New York.  It was in his January 2013 State of the State Address that Governor Cuomo announced his newest agenda for solar expansion.  Highlights of the plan include:
•    Increasing solar initiative funding by $150 million each year for the next decade
•    Creating a $1 billion green bank
•    Appointing Richard Kauffman as the chairman for the state’s energy policy and finance
•    Increasing the number of electric vehicle charging stations available to the public

NY sun initiative

The NY Sun Initiative was successful throughout 2012 and the hope is to continue to advance the New York solar energy movement in 2013.


NY-Sun is an initiative in New York that in 2012 installed double the customer-sited solar capacity which was added in 2011 and is on a path to quadruple that amount in 2013.  NY-Sun is designed to:
•    Provide an environment of greater certainty for solar developers;
•    Attract a significant amount of private investment in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems;
•    Create a greater number of quality jobs in the state;
•    Enable sustainable growth of a vigorous solar power industry;
•    Reduce the amount of air pollution; and
•    Improve the electric grid’s reliability.

The Green Bank which Governor Cuomo spoke of creating is the second of its kind in the US, the first being a Connecticut initiative, and is intended to, among other things:
•    Expedite a transition to a clean energy economy by lowering capital costs;
•    Increase investor confidence in the renewable energy sector;
•    Open job opportunities for a variety of skill and education levels;
•    Improve the flow of information to market participants;
•    Standardize contracts;
•    Monitor project performance;
•    Support green projects during times of severe budget constraint with the use of loans, bonds, and credit enhancements; and
•    Essentially transform the New York solar energy economy.

solar energy NY, New York solar power

It is hoped that the Green Bank is just one of many solar initiatives in New York this year.

It’s believed and hoped by many that the proposed Green Bank will be a catalyst to spur greater progress in the development of renewable energy sources across the nation.  As a cost-effective approach to supporting renewable energy sources, the Green Bank will also harness associated economic advantages.

Richard Kauffman’s background and experience are the reason that his appointment as New York’s chairman for the state’s energy policy and finance is good news for New York’s solar industry.  Kauffman is respected as a leading expert on private sector investment in renewable energy sources.  It’s expected that his 20 years of experience in the financial sector will provide valuable perspective on today’s most challenging issues, such as climate change and the adoption of new technologies in energy efficiency.

Governor Cuomo’s multi-faceted approach to advancing solar capacity in New York has won him much applause.  His initiatives not only promote innovation in clean energy, they also protect the environment, create jobs, and help to ensure the energy independence and security of the nation.

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