Applications Accepted Beginning 9/24/12 for a Revived Solar Incentive Program for Illinois Residents

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The new IL solar incentives are expected to bring huge savings to those looking to take advantage of alternative energy.

There are numerous IL solar incentives designed to encourage residents to begin using clean energy.  Among the programs is a Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program.  The types of renewable energy and technologies which are eligible for the program are photovoltaics, solar pool heating, solar water heat, and wind.  The time is now to get ready for the opportunity because applications can be submitted starting September 24th.

The specifics of this 2012 Illinois rebate program have not yet been revealed, in spite of the fact that it opens up for participation next week.  A look at the same program’s details for 2011 reveals that the effort to tap into solar power will result in significant savings.

Solar Water Heat

Using a domestic solar hot water system is a great way to move toward improved energy efficiency for homeowners.  These appliances are also called solar water heaters, and they can be used in any climate.  The cost of heating water is a large portion of a family’s monthly electricity bill, which is why switching to solar cuts down on energy costs.  Rebate programs such as this one in Illinois help homeowners who want help with the initial cost of installing a solar system.

Solar water heaters come in two basic styles.  An active system has controls and circulating pumps.  Indirect circulation systems are probably the best type of active solar heating system, since they are ideal for climates prone to have freezing temperatures.  These pumps circulate heat-transfer fluid (non-freezing) through both the collectors and the heat exchange.  In this way the water is heated, and then it flows into the home.

Passive solar water heating systems usually cost less than the active variety, and they may last longer.  However, they are typically not as efficient as active systems.  An example of a passive system is an integral collector-storage passive system.  These are best in areas where temperatures don’t usually drop below the freezing mark.  But they are good for households with hot water needs during the daytime and nighttime.

solar pool heater Solar panels help reduce the high costs from swimming pool heaters.

Solar Pool Heating

The cost of heating your swimming pool can be significantly reduced if you install a solar pool heater.  The annual operating costs are very low.  In fact, the most cost-effective use of solar power in many parts of the U.S. is solar pool heating.

A solar pool heating system usually includes a device through which water from the swimming pool is circulated in order to be warmed by the sun – this is called a solar collector.  Prior to the water being circulated through the collector, a filter removes the debris.  A pump serves to move the water through the filter, through the collector, and back into the swimming pool.



A photovoltaic system is also called a solar electric system, and it converts sunlight into electricity directly.  Photovolatics work whenever the sun is shining; but the more intense the sunlight, the more electricity is produced.  This noise-free energy producer is a clean and renewable source which contributes nothing to air pollution.

If you’re a homeowner in Illinois and you’ve wanted to invest in clean energy, now may be the perfect time.  Get your application in for any of the above-mentioned types of solar systems for your home.  And get it done as soon as possible because besides homeowners, the sectors which are applicable are:  industrial, nonprofit, commercial, federal government, state government, local government, associations, and schools. To purchase a solar system or find out more about the IL solar incentives, contact Grass Roots Energy Solar Store, the solar energy experts located in Wauconda, IL.

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