Big Incentives for Minnesota Solar Energy

Photo Courtesy of NASS member - Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow

There are some new incentives to the northeastern Minnesota customers of Minnesota Power. They recently announced an update to their SolarSense program that can pay up to 60% (or $20,000) towards the cost of a solar electric (solar PV) installation. MP is one of the pioneers across the country when it comes to encouraging renewable energy. This program is only available to their 140,000 or so customers but hopefully it’s success will be a model for other power companies to follow.

The qualifying solar PV system installations will receive a rebate based on the solar power that is produced that amounts to two-thousand dollars per kilowatt generated by the new solar electric system. Non-profits can reap up to $4,750 per kilowatt for going Solar Energy in Northeast Minnesota. The program is available to homeowners and businesses that are interested in installing a solar energy system.

In addition participants will also be able to receive the federal tax credit of thirty percent. There is also a “Made in Minnesota” bonus rebate available for those that choose locally manufactured systems. Bottom line – a solar PV installation for a home that might cost $40k could end up costing the buyer as little as eight thousand dollars! This should be a tremendous boost to the energy independence that solar energy can provide.

If you are eligible for this Minnesota solar program, please consider contacting our North American Solar Store (NASS) member located in Duluth, MN for more information on how Solar PV can work for you.
More details about the program are available on the Solar Energy and Renewable Energy page of the Minnesota Power website.

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