Attention, Political Candidates: Solar Power is as American as Apple Pie

It is a good time to put a fresh political spin on solar.

solar made in USA

Solar panels were first used in the US on telephone polls.

With a Presidential election coming in November, political strategizing is in full play across America.  Candidates acknowledge that job creation is a top priority for many Americans and the state of the economy is a concern for most.  How far down the list of political topics is solar energy?  Well, it should be pretty high up, what with all of the benefits afforded by renewable energy sources.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see political candidates take the lead to put a fresh spin on solar energy?

So far political posturing has for the most part, been sadly predictable with the recent negative attention on the solar industry.  Neither of the major presidential candidates can seem to resist pinning the major failures of solar manufacturing companies onto one another’s record.  While they’re attempting to score points with voters, what they’re actually doing is casting a negative light on a very beneficial and thoroughly American industry.

Solar:  Born in America

Technological breakthroughs which gave birth to the conversion of sunlight to electricity took place right here in the U.S.A.  It was just about 50 years ago that modern-day solar technology made a mark in history at Bell Labs.  The cost of installing solar panels stalled the progress of the solar industry for decades, but now as prices for solar equipment decrease, there is renewed attention on the industry.

Solar:  In Every Congressional District

But the efficiency of technology which captures power from the sun has continued to improve, and the cost of solar PV systems has steadily dropped.  In every Congressional district, solar power is a renewable energy resource used by homeowners who are registered voters and by businesses alike.

Solar:  Boosted by Government Incentives

People in government actually can be credited for significant expansion of the solar industry, since Federal and state incentives have been some of the primary catalysts behind explosive growth in the solar industry in just the past year or so.  In fact, in 2011:

  • Solar-related jobs were created in all 50 states and
  • The solar energy market doubled in size.

Solar:  Crucial to the United States Military

military solar

The US military relies heavily on solar power.

Now is a good time for political candidates to speak encouraging words about the benefits, growing popularity, and affordability of solar panel systems for homes and businesses.  And one of the largest users of solar on the planet is the United States Military.  The Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard all heavily rely on solar power.

Solar Talking Points:

The following are some facts which make quick and easy talking points ideal for use in political discussion:

  • Solar technology is born in America but the leading users are currently Germany, Italy, and China.  It’s time we enter the solar race and recover our lead.
  • More and more of our professional sports teams across the U.S.A. are using solar power in their massive stadiums and contributing to a cleaner environment.  Let’s all of us follow that example.
  • Solar has been a strong job creator, helping to sustain our economy, and, in fact, has more than doubled in size as an industry since January 2011.
  • The solar industry poured over $8 billion into the economy last year alone.
  • Many of our retired military men and women are finding employment in the solar industry.
  • The use of solar power does not involve dependence on other countries.
  • We have a responsibility to future generations, and one way to serve their interests is to make an aggressive switch to clean energy now.

Contact Your Representative about Solar

If you agree that solar power should get a boost from political candidates, contact those who will be on your ballot.  Let them know how important clean energy is to you, to the U.S.A., and to future generations.

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