Concentrated Solar Power

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These Parabolic Troughs are a part of a CSP near Boulder City, Nevada. The Nevada Solar One project has 760 mirrors spread out over 300 acres!

The panels may look like Solar PV panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity via the photovoltaic effect, but Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) actually is type of Solar Thermal Energy that creates heat using mirrors or lenses to focus a large amount of sunlight on a small area. The heat produced can then be used to power a heat engine such as a steam or a wind turbine. This energy is then collected through a connection to an electrical power generator.

Around the world CSP growth is moving ahead quickly. The US has several plants up and running and many more in the planning stages. Hybrid plants are also in the works that combine CSP and fossil fuels plants. Although this is not the type of solar power that can help you as a consumer become energy independent, these technological achievements have great potential for solar power generation on a large scale step in the right direction for a greener energy future.

There are also many new industries and jobs that are being fueled by CSP development like manufacturers and builders of Linear Concentrators, Dish/Engine Systems, Power Towers, Thermal Storage Materials and Advanced Components.

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