76% increase in U.S. solar installations in Q1 2015

Solar PanelsSolar power is gradually asserting itself in the United States as shown by growth statistics from the first quarter 2015. Between January and March, installations in the national residential market increased by 76% over the same period a year ago. We’ve also seen an 11% jump since quarter four of 2014.

The biggest increases came in California, with 53% of all installations. Nevada and New York are two other states that are leading the solar charge. In Nevada, there were more solar installations in the first quarter of 2015 than in all quarters of 2014 combined.

For the U.S., overall, this year’s first quarter marked the sixth quarter in a row in which PV installations topped 1 GWdc.

These calculations and increases point to the fact that solar energy is considered by many to be the “elite” energy form available to us today. With advances in solar panel technology, solar power keeps upping the ante with economical and clean energy to light our world.

Why is the country getting crazy about solar energy? Here are some of the benefits.

  • Solar energy isn’t just another “sustainable” energy source – it’s also a source we’ll never run out of as long as the sun still shines. Everything these days is about sustainable and renewable, and solar power is at the forefront.
  • By converting to solar energy, you allow Nature to power your life rather than grids and power lines and complex (read: “easily breakable”) technologies. In other words, solar customers avoid power outages that can take hours – or days – to fix.
  • The panels that bring solar energy into a home or building require little maintenance to keep them running optimally.
  • The generation of power through solar technology is a dead-quiet process, i.e., you’ll hear no humming, buzzing or grinding as your home is energized.
  • Continual improvements in the industry mean more efficient and clean energy production at lowered costs.

Solar Investment Tax Credit

Through the end of 2016, owners of residences and commercial properties can qualify for a 30% tax credit when they convert to solar power under the federal policy known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit. This is a strong incentive that the government hopes will encourage more individuals to seriously look into solar power alternatives.

But even after 2016, converting a home or office to solar energy will still make good sense. It’s by far the cleanest source of natural energy, it’s cost-effective and efficient, and maintaining a solar setup won’t require a bunch of your time or money.

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