Helios – Success in US Solar Panels Manufacturing

One of North American Solar Stores suppliers of Solar Modules is Milwaukee based manufacturer Helios USA, LLC. Helios produces solar modules commonly known as solar panels, and they want to change the way we view solar power, one panel at time. NASS is partnering with Helios, a US producer of ARRA-compliant solar modules to provide our NASS member stores with the best components available for their local customers. Helios is a founding member of the Coalition for Solar Manufacturing (CASM) and one of many US Solar Manufacturing companies that are doing their best to provide great products that can compete on a global scale.

Recent press coverage of several US solar manufacturers has given a false impression about the industry but Helios is out to change that perception in a big way! Helios has been capitalizing on the recent failures of thin film experiments and the drop in silicon prices to increase production of “mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar panels”. This type of panel is actually more efficient per square foot than any thin film, trapping more sunlight and converting it to more electricity. This established technology is what standardized the solar panel industry and it still offers the best return over all other photovoltaic solutions.

Helios is proud to be Wisconsin’s first manufacturer of high-performance solar modules for use in residential, commercial, industrial and utility-based solar electric systems. Helios uses an advanced, automated manufacturing platform to ensure production of reliable, high performance components. The goal of creating cost savings that we can pass directly on to NASS member stores helps us offer you the best product at a fair price. Robotics combined with over 25 skilled workers are able to work together through the complex process of producing solar modules. They hope to create 50 permanent quality jobs at their new facility in Milwaukee, WI.

This company is dedicated to producing solar products that will stand the test of time and continue to generate power output in very high percentiles even 25 years or more after installation. Helios CEO, Steve Ostrenga is a self-described solar evangelist that will keep his company on the cutting edge of the latest improvements in solar technology as they constantly innovate to produce the highest quality components possible. We look forward to a bright future with Helios as a valued NASS partner supplier.

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