Philadelphia’s Green Building Incentive

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Philadelphia has extensive green building initiatives set in place.

State and local governments in Pennsylvania are on board with transitioning more citizens to the use of clean energy.  They put taxpayer dollars where their mouths are, so to speak, by offering juicy incentives for homeowners and business owners who will make investments in solar power and other types of renewable energy.  There are many programs that could help a homeowner with the cost of tapping into the sun’s energy, and Philadelphia’s Green Building Incentive is one of them.

Summary of the Philadelphia’s Green Building Incentive

Streamlined permitting and a fee reduction are offered for one and two-family housing units with installed photovoltaic (PV) systems of 10 kilowatts or less.  Specifically, PV projects have the option of using a combined building and electrical permit as opposed to filling out separate permits.  The project must meet with certain requirements of installation and electrical, as laid out in the combined permit form.

As an additional incentive, the building and electrical permits fees associated with all PV projects are reduced.  Instead of a cost of $25 per $1,000 of labor and equipment costs, all that is charged is $25 per $1,000 of labor.

The process of obtaining necessary permits and of installing solar PV panels is made easier for builders and homeowners with the  Philadelphia solar incentives directions in the Solar Installation Guidebook.

Overview:  The Solar Installation Guidebook

Many basics in solar technology are communicated in understandable terms in the Solar Installation Guidebook offered by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability for the City of Philadelphia.  Some information provided includes:

  • An explanation about how solar works.
  • A guideline for determining whether solar is the right choice for a particular business or homeowner.
  • An explanation about federal, state, and local incentives which can help pay for a solar PV system.
  • Information about what is involved with installing solar technology.

Understanding Solar Renewable Energy Credits

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With help from SRECs your home could be sitting on a pile of money!

The government places a monetary value on the positive impact that clean sources of energy have on the environment.  In the State of Pennsylvania, this value is referred to as a Solar Alternative Energy Credit (Solar AEC or SAEC).  The SAEC is the same thing as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which is what they are commonly called across the United States.  RECs are widely used to help utility companies meet state renewable energy standards.

A Solar AEC is measured by either estimated or actual metered production.  One Solar AEC is representative of 1 MWh that is produced from a certified source of solar power.  To meet government requirements, Electric Distribution Companies and Electric Generation Supplies are required to purchase a certain amount of AECs.  This fact is a critical incentive which motivates homeowners, small businesses, and marketers of renewable energy to invest in the development of Pennsylvania’s solar energy industry.

Solar AECs cannot be earned until required applications are properly submitted and processed.  The price of a Solar AEC depends upon supply and demand.  The sooner someone gets in on this incentive program, the less saturation there is in the SAEC market and the more quickly the solar PV system can be paid for.

Additional Incentives, to Name a Few

Philadelphia’s Green Building Incentive is just one of the incentives available for residents.  Other Pennsylvania and Philadelphia solar incentives include:

•           Industry Recruitment and Support

•           Local Grant Programs

•           Local Loan Programs

•           Performance-Based Incentives

•           Property Tax Incentive

•           State Grant Program

•           State Loan Program

•           State Rebate Program

•           Utility Loan Program

Now is the perfect time to jump on board and install your very own solar PV system. For a reputable solar store near you, visit our North American Solar Store located in Kingsley, PA. Work with a business that has been working in the alternative energy industry for over 30 years. Take advantage of the fantastic local incentives while they last.

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