5 Reasons a Radical Shift to Solar Power Makes Perfect Sense

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The vast potential of solar power is extraordinary.

For many years the idea of switching from reliance on power plants for electricity to renewable energy sources such as solar power was considered by most in the U.S. to be a far-fetched and unreasonably costly proposition.  Whether mostly due to the cost of solar panels or political pressures related to keeping the need for fossil-fuel a national priority, the switch to renewable energy moved at a snail’s pace for decades.  In the meantime, more and more homeowners have recognized that switching to solar power makes good sense, especially since the related costs are significantly less, it now seems more far-fetched to continue relying on fossil-fuel run power plants for electricity.

Individuals across the U.S.A. are making the decision to go solar and to take on other initiatives which contribute to genuine energy independence and a cleaner world.  True energy independence with solar power:

1. Is self-generated.  When an electrical power grid goes down, blackouts occur, which can be catastrophic.  Think of notorious New York City blackouts; the entire metropolis comes to a grinding halt.  There are many potential dangers linked to a blackout, not to mention the incredible inconvenience of the situation.  On the other hand, any homeowners or companies who rely on solar thermal energy for their hot water needs are almost immune to short-term electrical blackouts.  In addition, the more solar PV systems there are, the smaller the chance that a power plant will shut down due to overwhelming demand.

2. Is renewable.  There is a limit to the amount of gas, oil, and coal that is practically, economically and safely accessible within the earth.  Some researchers have projected that at the current level of demand, the earth will run out of these resources by the next century.  On the other hand, sun, wind, and geothermal energy are limitless resources. Did you know that more solar energy strikes the earth in one hour than the world’s population uses collectively in a year?

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Create a cleaner future for generations to come.

3. Doesn’t compromise the health of industry workers.  Anytime someone chooses to work in a coal mine, they know that they may be making a choice that sacrifices their health in exchange for a job.  Employees in the renewable energy industry, however, don’t have to make such a sacrifice.  Of course, there are places in the U.S.A. where coal mines are the backbone of the economy and are important to the citizens, in spite of the inherent dangers.  But the radical shift to renewable energy doesn’t have to mean widespread job loss.  Workers can be trained in other fields, including clean energy, and hold on to their health at the same time. In less than a century much of the industrialized world has gone from horses to cars. We can and must make a similar transition with energy.

4. Can eliminate dependence on foreign sources. Due to speculation, political manipulation and worldwide economic influences; even if the current hindrances to drilling in the U.S.A. were removed, our country would still need to import foreign oil, to keep up with demand.  The components for solar PV systems can be produced domestically thus generating jobs; and, of course, renewable energy sources are supplied by nature in real time.

5. Minimally affects the environment.  All components of solar panels are made with materials which can be recycled.  Little to no damage to air, land, or water is caused by using renewable energy sources. Furthermore, as even more refined manufacturing processes evolve any trace residues and polluting byproducts related to the PV manufacturing process are progressively being reduced or eliminated.

Imagine what a better world future generations will be able to enjoy when this radical shift to using renewable energy supplies such as solar panels becomes the norm.   For a happier and healthier future, for generations to come, visit the North American Solar Store near you.


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