New York State Gets On Board The Solar Express

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Save money and save the environment with a solar PV system.

Surveys reveal that most Americans are concerned about rising energy costs, and there is evidence that homeowners everywhere are making a monumental shift toward solar energy.  This is also true in New York, which has not been in the lead toward renewable energy sources, by any stretch of the imagination.  The advancement of solar across America has sometimes been linked to impressive solar incentives offered by government entities.  And two incentive programs currently in effect in the state should prove to be a catalyst that transforms more of the sun’s energy into an electrical source in New York.

New York PV Incentive Program Highlights

The New York state incentives for switching to solar photovoltaic systems apply to customers of investor-owned utilities in the following sectors:  residential, commercial, non-profit, industrial, local government, state government, and institutional.

The amount of the rebate is $1.50 per watt DC (direct current).  The following is a breakdown of the maximum incentive:

  • Incentive can’t exceed 40% of costs after figuring in any available tax credits.
  • Maximum for residential is $10,500
  • Maximum for non-residential, including non-profits, government entities, and schools is $75,000

To qualify for this rebate program, the New York solar PV systems installed may not exceed 110% of the energy demand demonstrated in the previous 12 months.

There are some equipment requirements for the New York solar rebate program, such as that the PV system and components must be new and carry a minimum 5-year system warranty.

grid linked New York solar installation

The New York solar installations qualifying for the state incentives must be linked to the grid.

Installation of qualifying PV systems must be performed by a pre-approved contractor.  The systems are required to be grid-connected, end-use application.

The ownership of the renewable energy credits for solar power produced under this incentive program goes to New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the initial three years of the system’s operation.  After that, the customer or generator becomes owner.

In April 2012, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued orders which increased funding of the PV Incentive Program.  The 2012 total funding for this incentive program increased from $24 million to $41.6 million.  Funding for 2013 was increased from $24 million to $37.5 million.

These recent additions to New York solar funding stem from NY-Sun Initiative, which has set a goal to quadruple 2011 annual PV capacity installation within New York by 2013.

Long Island Power Authority PV Rebate Program Highlights

As part of the Solar Pioneer and Solar Entrepreneur programs, Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) offers its customers rebates for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems.  Residential PV systems up to 25 kilowatt and non-residential PV systems up to 2 megawatt are eligible for $1.30 to $1.75 per watt in incentives, depending upon the sector.  This incentive program applies to customer-owned solar PV systems only; leased systems are not eligible.

The current incentives are an extension of efforts launched by LIPA in 2000, which started out as a five-year Clean Energy Initiative.  In addition to the program being extended, the funding levels were increased by $5 million per year to $37 million.  The total investment for the program was increased to $185 million.

These New York incentives along with federal incentives for switching to solar could be the ticket for New York to get on the solar express.

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