New York Solar Laws Boost Solar Power Installations by Reducing Costs

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New York may soon be a contender for the state with the most solar power usage.

The State of New York has recently given solar enthusiasts something to be excited about.  Up to now the state has been sluggish in effectively advancing the use of renewable energy sources, especially compared to such states as nearby New Jersey, which recently topped even California in new megawatts of solar installed.  But the use of solar power in New York has received a big boost.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has just signed two laws into effect, and they represent $107 million in additional incentives for the installation of new solar PV systems.  Governor Cuomo, in a press release, was quoted as saying, “The bills signed today continue to build momentum for the state’s NY-Sun Initiative by accelerating the installation of New York solar power while making it a more affordable option for residents and businesses.”

Governor Cuomo further said, “Together with other NY-Sun incentives, these bills demonstrate the state’s commitment to reducing energy costs, growing our green energy sector, creating jobs, and protecting the environment.”

The new energy legislation is sure to fulfill the commitments referred to by Governor Cuomo.  Energy costs are significantly reduced for homeowners and businesses that use solar energy; the cost of solar system installation is typically offset in 3 to 10 years, depending on several factors.  Jobs are created when more solar products and solar installations are in demand.  And the more solar energy used, the less pollutants there are in the air.

The following is an overview of the two latest New York solar laws:


Commercial solar systems are also getting a lift.  One of the fresh laws provides for exemptions from sales taxes on commercial solar PV system purchase and installation.  The law specifically allows municipalities and cities to exclude the costs associated with commercial solar systems from local sales tax.

This law will go into effect on January 1, 2013.


solar power system

The cost of the installation and equipment needed for solar power is made more affordable with the new NY solar laws.

Property tax abatement for solar PV generating systems in New York City has been extended through 2014, with the new legislation.  The new law goes into effect on January 1, 2013, and covers reasonable expenditures for the following:

• Labor costs associated with on-site preparation for the solar PV system.
• Assembly and original installation.
• Materials.
• Designs and plans directly related to the solar panel installation.
• Architectural services.
• Engineering services.

To sum up what the new laws accomplish, what is called for is a doubling of solar panel installations in 2012 as compared to 2011 and four times more solar power installed in 2013 as compared to 2011.  It would be tough to argue that this isn’t a sunny proposition.

For more information on these laws and to find out how the New York solar laws affect you, contact one of the local NASS solar stores in New York State, Kindle Wood Solar Store located in Bohemia, NY or Lake Champlain Solar Store in Plattesburgh, NY.  Both of these stores have been serving the upstate New York area for many years.

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