Two Great Energy-Saving Options for Homeowners in Northern Indiana

Indiana Solar Panels

Collier’s Solar technicians installing panels on flat roof.

Collier’s Solar in Northern Indiana helps homeowners take advantage of great opportunities to afford going solar.  NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Corporation) customers are encouraged to take advantage of incentives to install solar PV systems, which Collier’s can help with.  There are two great options which homeowners should definitely consider, those being Net Metering and Feed-in-Tariff (FIT.)  Collier’s Solar, a Division of Collier’s Heating and Air Conditioning, believes that the more consumers know about the incentives to install solar, the more aware they are that participation in any of the NIPSCO programs is a win-win.


Net Metering
If  a homeowner signs up for Net Metering, they will receive energy credits on ytheir electricity bill for the amount of power generated by the solar PV system or whatever eligible type of eco-friendly power source they are using.  What the net metering program is designed to do is allow consumers to generate their own electricity with a renewable energy source as a way of offsetting their individual electricity usage every month.
The way net metering works is that one meter is installed  which has the capability of measuring the energy you consume as well as the amount of energy you are generating.  When you generate more power than you need, you earn energy credits which can be applied to future energy usage.
Collier's Solar is helping homeowners take advantage of incentives.To participate in net metering, you must be an existing electric customer with NIPSCO and use a renewable energy source – it must be solar, wind, or hydroelectric.  The program supports energy generation projects of up to 1 megawatt (MW).    Credit is applied to your bill, when excess power is generated.  The customer is responsible for the following:
• Interconnection fees
• Maintenance of the generating device and the interconnection wiring


The feed-in-tariff program and the net metering program are actually very similar.  The primary difference is that the feed-in-tariff option provides the customer with a sell-back opportunity.  Rather than receiving a credit, NIPSCO sends you a check for the amount of electricity generated by the renewable energy project.


Additional details about this option follow:


• To participate, you must be an existing NIPSCO electric customer using solar, wind or hydroelectric or sustainable biomass projects
• All NIPSO electric customers are eligible
• Supports energy generation projects from 5 kilowatts to 5 megawatts
• Customers are responsible for the same things listed in the option above


Payment is received for the amount of solar energy generated in the feed-in-tariff program as follows: Collier Logo
• Solar generation less than or equal to 10kW earns $0.30 per kWh
• Solar generation from 11kW to 2MW earns $0.26 per kWh


NIPSCO provides many other incentives to encourage consumers to use environmentally friendly energy sources.  Local builders and developers can also take advantage of incentives when their new home construction is eco-friendly and helps to lower the amount of energy required to heat and cool homes.  If you are having a new home built, be sure to ask your builder about the Residential New Construction Program offered by NIPSCO.


Collier’s Solar can help with residential and commercial solar needs in areas throughout Northern Indiana. With stores in Warsaw and Ossian, Collier’s serves the following counties in Indiana:  Kosciusko County, Whitley County, Allen County, Adams County, Wells County, Huntington County, and Northern Wabash County.
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